Real South France blog springs into life.

The grapes were harvested in September, the olives in November and already the workers are out in the vineyards preparing for the spring. Here in France the sun is shinning and the days are starting to get warmer and longer and work in the garden is beckoning us too.

As usual we have been putting off the pruning and trimming jobs over the winter by convincing ourselves that there is plenty of time before the sap starts to rise and we’re too late. Our time is just about to run out so the last couple of weekends have seen us attacking some of our overgrown trees and shrubs and lighting bonfires. There’s still much to do but our enthusiasm is restored under the spring sunshine and our thoughts are turning now to the long summer days and time that will be spent with friends and family on the terrace and around the pool.

Spring time also focuses our thoughts on the activities of Real South France. We are often asked by our clients, whether they are renting or buying property, for a vast amount of information, ranging from “where is there a local market on a Sunday?” to “have there been any changes to capital gains tax?”

We have created this blog to help answer many of these questions, but will also post information about interesting places that we have visited, the dates of activities and events in the area and general posts about our life here in France. We have also asked some of our contacts to be contributors to the blog.

One of the contributors is Peter Johnson, who is a tax advisor here in France. Peter spends most of his time explaining the complexities of the French tax system to the English-speaking community and we are all very grateful for his knowledge and experience. I’m sure his posts will be very useful and informative to anyone with a financial interest in France.

As property Buying Agents we are also often asked by people if we can help sell their property. Although we have the “Carte Professionnelle” which allows us to work as selling agents, this is not our usual role, as our main purpose is to act on behalf of clients looking to purchase a property.  We have decided however to put information about some of the more interesting of these properties on the blog. I’m sure that some of them will start you dreaming about passing lazy summer days in the South of France! More information about our property buying services can be found at

We have also decided to expand our holiday rental portfolio this year. Currently our small range of properties all have just one or two bedrooms, but in response to a demand from more property owners to include their properties in our marketing, we will be adding a bigger variety of properties to the rental website, as soon as they are available.  You will see their details posted on the blog.

I hope that this has given you a feel for what the new blog is all about. We aim to update it frequently and that you will call in when ever you need your fix of French life!


About Selwyn - Real South France

Real South France will help you in your search for your property in the South of France. We are independant search agents who provide a personal, professional and confidential service exclusively on behalf of you, the buyer.
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