Sorry M’Lord…

The bustling town of AnduzeThe past few days have been tough for our friend the waiter in the local café. Milaud (now commonly known to us as M’Lord) is a jolly character, the kind who makes you feel immediately welcome and can bring a smile to your face, even on a wet March weekend. You don’t need to place your order, he knows it instantly you walk into the café, and a couple of minutes later your grand crème, décaf, allongé, americain, mocha or whatever it is, will appear in front of you. It brings a feeling of familiarity which helps to give you that sense of belonging so often missing on foreign soil.
M’Lord however is also an avid sports fan – and these last few days have been a bit of a disaster for him.
Eagerly awaiting a trilogy of events, by Sunday morning he was a little down beat after France’s defeat by Italy in the Rugby, then his adopted English team Arsenal fell to Manchester United in the FA Cup football match on Saturday. Never mind, there was still hope – his French team Marseille were meeting Manchester United in the Champions League match on Tuesday night. The Manchester Reds however proved to be his bête noire, winning 2-1 and knocking Marseille out of the competition.
Sorry M’Lord, we managed to get to Old Trafford for the match and we hope that the souvenir programme will provide a little compensation! We’ll look forward to the return of your smiley face at the café on Sunday morning – at least you can take comfort in the fact that it’s the first day of Spring and the coffee orders will soon be replaced by chilled rosé aperitifs!

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