All in a Day’s Work

Real South France manages some holiday rental properties in Vezenobres and Calvisson, take a look at if you have not seen the properties before.

At the end of last season we had a meeting with Beatrice, who looks after the properties in Vezenobres and she informed us that everything had gone smoothly during the season, there had of course been one or two breakages, the usual smashed wine glass or dropped plate but generally everything had gone well.

We also discussed a few upgrades which were needed, perhaps some new terrace furniture and some replacement barbeques and even a new sliding window for the top terrace as we were concerned that the old one might start to leak if we had rain and wind from the South. (Fortunately not very common in this area in the holiday season) Everything was noted and plans made to purchase the necessary items and get quotes for the window. It was then that Beatrice remarked that there was a small area of damp on the plaster on one the bedroom walls.  

This started a chain of events that is just about to conclude. Our fears were greatly relieved when we discovered that the source of the dampness turned out to be just a valve in the apartment above, which had a very slow drip. The property is constructed of stone and dampness from this drip had travelled through the stone until it had appeard on the bedroom wall. The drip was easily fixed but we also needed to redecorate the bedroom. We than had the usual conversation which began, “While we’re at it we may as well….”.

One thing led to another and we have now redecorated the bedroom with the damp patch, redecorated the second bedroom, redecorated the living room /kitchen, redecorated the hall, installed a new floor in the second bedroom, re-tiled the bathroom floor, re-tiled the bathroom walls, installed a new bath, installed a new stone sink unit and changed the sofas in the living room – eh voila ! The small damp patch led to a lot of work but the results are worth it.

As usual there are a few small jobs to finish off and the deadline of the next booking is rapidly approaching so I’m sure there will be a couple of hectic days hanging curtains and pictures.

The place is looking great. I’ll post some photos as soon as the final touches are in place and update the website.

About Selwyn - Real South France

Real South France will help you in your search for your property in the South of France. We are independant search agents who provide a personal, professional and confidential service exclusively on behalf of you, the buyer.
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